Credit: Us Weekly

Pregnant Kim Kardashian took a stand against all her haters when she hit the beach in Greece wearing a barely-there bikini that flaunted her impressive baby bump — and a lot of the rest of her,  too! The pic landed on the cover of Us Weekly, and she looked fantastic, obviously. However, there’s something about this whole scenario that makes us a little suspicious. Was Kim’s bold bikini pic Photoshopped?

For starters, we have to consider the sources. Us Weekly has a very good relationship with the Kardashians, and we can’t imagine they’d ever jeopardize that by publishing a less-than-flawless photo of any family member. So, that’s fishy point number one. Then there’s the fact that this photo came from Kim herself (it wasn’t a paparazzi shot), so this image has been under Kardashian control from the moment it was taken.

We’re sure Kim looks sensational at seven months along, but given the constant scrutiny she’s been under throughout her pregnancy (and always, for that matter), we wouldn’t be at all surprised if she wanted her revealing pregnancy pics freshened up a little. From where we’re standing, chances of Photoshopping seem high.

And really, can you blame her? Since boyfriend Kanye West announced that he and Kim were expecting a baby, she has been under a constant deluge of criticism about her pregnancy weight gain, from people saying she’s gained 65 lbs, or weighs 200 lbs., or that she absolutely hates her pregnant body.  If we had the chance to control this story even a little bit, we’d totally jump at it.  We say, go, Kim! You look awesome, and don’t you forget it.

Source: Us Weekly