Kim Kardashian’s famous curves have graced too many magazine covers to count. But when it comes to post-baby endorsements, they appear to be working against her.
According to TMZ, two of the biggest weight loss companies in the industry are already saying they won’t be signing Kim to any kind of Jessica Simpson-type deal after she gives birth to her baby with Kanye West.

A rep for Medifast, which is based out of New Jersey, said the brand is not currently courting any celebrity endorsements. Similarly, Jenny Craig shot down the idea of Kim endorsing the weight management brand, saying that the company champions “real results for real women.”

With the implication being that Kim is somehow not “real” enough, a rep for Jenny Craig added that they already have a big celebrity endorser in Mariah Carey.

No word yet from QuickTrim, the diet supplement both Kim and her sister Khloe currently represent.

Source: TMZ