Kim Kardashian has often said she has trouble sitting still, and she really must not be kidding. After an international flight, we want nothing more than to sleep the day away and recalibrate our internal clocks back to normal. But not Kim! She travels across eight time zones and goes straight back to work like it’s no big deal.

Only a few hours after a makeup-free Kim landed at LAX, following a rendezvous with Kanye in Paris, we found the pregnant star participating in what looks to be a very high-fashion photo shoot. We’re not sure where the pictures will appear, but Kim gave a sneak preview on Instagram.

First off, her makeup is gorgeous. The frosty pink lip and ethereal glow around her eyes makes her look almost otherworldly.

We are somewhat more mixed on the beehive hairdo. One minute we think, “how avant garde!” but the next we’re like, “Marge Simpson called, and she wants her hair back.”

The ruff collar of that dress (blouse?) makes us think Elizabethan, so we’re not really sure how the hair fits in with that. Honestly, there’s a lot going on here. But we’ll withhold all judgement until we see the final results.

What do you think of Kim’s look here? Editorial or just egregious?

Source: Kim Kardashian on Instagram