Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images Photo: Ray J

For Ray J's new song to not be about Kim Kardashian, there sure are a lot of references and allusions to her.

After hearing the lyrics a few weeks ago, everyone pretty much agreed that he was clearly talking about Kim and the sex tape they starred in together. But Ray went out of his way to deny it directly being about her and even dismissed it all as being coincidental despite several lyrics that seemed to say everything but Kim's name.

Starting at noon today, April 29, you can watch the video below. If you're not that patient, TMZ has a first look at the vid. Looks to us like Ray J needs to get better at lying (and probably lyric-writing, but that's neither here nor there).

The video is full of references to Ray and Kim's time together and stars a Kim look-a-like. It even goes so far as to recreate the sex tape vibe, with Kim's character being recorded on tape.

In fact, all the similarities, callbacks, and allusions to Kim are so exhaustibe  that this video is either the biggest coincidence to ever occur, or Ray J totally made this song and video about Kim and he's just trying to draft off her fame.

Only Ray J knows. Okay, let's be real — we all know.

Source: TMZ