Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for Photo: Brody Jenner at MTV's "The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending" Finale on July 13, 2010

Life just got real “complicated” for Brody Jenner! Over the weekend, the Kardashian stepbrother and his girlfriend, singer/songwriter Avril Lavigne, were involved in a bloody brawl at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. According to Us Weekly, the fight began when one clubgoer yelled something at Brody, and the princess of punk rock – obvi not one to take such a thing lying down – “talked sh*t” back to the heckler. From there, Avril was “attacked” by five people, she revealed Monday via tweet.

One onlooker explained the fight: "Brody came over aggressively and got involved,” adding that another man also came to Avril’s rescue. "They were scuffling on the floor...Brody was the aggressor and had five guys with him. When they finally got up, Brody was bleeding."

Although many reports say the battle ended with Brody taking a broken bottle to the head, this particular observer insists “there was no bottle with blood and no bottle broken or anything like that [visible]."

Eventually, Brody, his singer sweetie and their posse were ushered off the property. Later, Brody went to authorities to file a police report for assault with a deadly weapon – which makes us think there must have been a bottle involved.  

As for the attackers? They didn’t press charges.

Source: Us Weekly


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