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UPDATE: Kris Humphries has denied reports that Kelly Osbourne threw him out of a club. He writes on Twitter: "I never usually address garbage, but don't people think that saying I got kicked out of somewhere, when I was literally the last person to leave is a pretty stupid thing to lie about? Do people ever think that they will lose credibility when hundreds of people know what they are writing isn't true?"


Any enemy of Kim Kardashian is an enemy of... Kelly Osbourne? So says the New York Post's Page Six in its report that Kelly had Kris Humphries tossed out of a club on Sunset Boulevard. Humphries, who was in LA for the ESPY awards, was indulging in some of the partying for which LA is famous. But when the evening's events led him to a club called Beacher's Madhouse, things did not end well, says the Post. Kim Kardashian, Kris's ex, has been known to hang out at the club, so Kelly, out of loyalty to her friend, had a "mortified" Kris tossed out.

Here's the most interesting part of the story: Kelly Osbourne's clout at Beacher's Madhouse comes from her position there as. . . creative director? Kelly's many careers have included (and this is a partial list): singing, acting, fashion designing, TV reality show starring, and now, nightclub creative directing. That's a lot of hats!  

Source: Page Six


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