Credit: FPA/Fame Pictures Photo: Rob Kardashian Celebrates His Birthday in Vegas on March 18, 2011

Holy whirlwind romances, Batman!

Khloe’s former assistant (now just her BFF) Malika develops a crush on Lamar’s friend, Chicago Bulls Guard/Forward Rasual Butler, and lets it be known. Lamar sets them up on a date, and they go out a few times. Rasual is a little skeptical about Malika’s not-so-subtle flirtatiousness with Rob, and rightly so! Malika and Rob have been working the sexual tension for a while.

Khloe, Lamar, Malika, and Rasual go to The Lobster in Santa Monica for a double date. (The Lobster, btw, is Lamar’s fave restaurant and the place where he and Khloe had their wedding rehearsal dinner.) And Malika invites Rob! What the?! Rasual is a little threatened, not surprisingly, and asks them point blank over the meal if they’ve ever “dealt with each other.” Which they hadn’t, at that point (as far as we know), but how peculiar is it that she invited someone she’s clearly interested in on a date with another man? Malika also goes to “check on Rob,” who has a cold, when Rasual is visiting. Seems like her heart is not in the right place!

So when Rasual breaks up with Malika the next day on the phone (classy!), we’re not very surprised. Malika chalks it up to Rasual’s insecurity, and we chalk it up to her lack of sensitivity in a new relationship.

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Photo: The Kardashian Siblings Support Khloe and Lamar at the Unbreakable Fragrance Launch on April 4, 2011

Cut to: Rob and Malika in bed together (Lamar and Khloe spy on them and find them sacked out, post-sex.) We’re happy they finally admitted their feelings towards each other — there is clearly a special chemistry between them. (Total aside here, but what’s happening with Rob’s “music career”? He still does an awful lot of hanging around and yawning and pining for Khloe’s best friend.)

Meanwhile, Lamar and Khloe decide they want to create a unisex fragrance, and BOOM! The fragrance is created within 22 minutes! Amazing how TV works. Still, it wasn’t without drama — he and Khloe have a major fight over what the bottle top should look like, and she has to constantly spritz Lamar with new smells to get him to tell her what he likes. (Even during dinner — ick!) Eventually they make up, though, and during the last scene of the show Khloe blindfolds (and handcuffs!) him, spritzes her boobies with perfume, and makes him smell them. That’s the Khloe and Lamar we love!

Next week, Lamar’s dad is back — which should make for some juicy drama!