Things got pretty ugly between Rob Kardashian and his ex-girlfriend, Rita Ora last December, and it looks like we're about to relive it on this Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.
When news broke December 3 that the young couple had called it quits, Rob went on an angry Twitter rant accusing the British singer of cheating on him with multiple men.
Rita had stayed mum on the topic for a while, but an inflammatory remark aimed at Rob’s manhood was tweeted and deleted by an account purported to belong to Rita. (It was later reported to be a fake account)
According to the Daily Mail, the tweet read, “Rob’s d**k was wack, I had to go get it somewhere else.” Rob responded angrily, “So you let me get you pregnant and you let others hit raw?”

The tweet, of course, was promptly wiped from existence, but not before screenshots were taken by a number of media outlets.

Rob later backtracked on his comments from Monday, tweeting, “Just so we clear I never once mentioned ‘Rita Ora’ in any of my tweets or even used the word ‘whore’ and I never would. I Respect Women.”

We can't wait to see how it all plays out on this week's episode! 


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