Credit: Instagram Photo: Rob Kardashian Sits Next to a "Beautiful Woman" at a Concert on December 10, 2012

Only days after his bitter break-up with British pop singer Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian seems to be moving on — or at least attempting to.

It was only last week when Rob took to Twitter to accuse Rita of cheating on him with multiple men and declared he wouldn’t “put up with sloppiness.”

The Kardashian brother promptly deleted his Twitter tirade, and although it may be a little too late to play it cool, the reality star recently tweeted a coy message about a mysterious “beautiful woman” he sat next to at a Trinidad James concert on December 10.

“#Arthurgeorge #balenciaga #somereallyBeautifulwomansfoot,” Rob wrote alongside a photo of his own right sneaker next to the unnamed woman’s rhinestone-studded, high-heeled foot.

Do you think this is Rob’s way of telling Rita he’s moved on?

Source: Instagram

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