Credit: Rob Kardashian on Instagram

Rob Kardashian apparently meant business last week when he declared that he’d be embarking on a new diet.

Since announcing that he was ready to shed some pounds, the reality star-turned-sock entrepreneur has sent out daily tweets concerning his exercise and food regimens.

Yesterday, Rob tweeted a photo of his treadmill, writing, “Just a little cardio for the fat boy. Yeeeeeee!”

“Not happy about this new food regiment. Fat boy yeeeeeee!” he wrote a few hours later alongside a photo of a healthy meal of a single hard boiled egg and a bottle of sparkling water.

Credit: Instagram

We happen to think Rob’s being just a tad hard on himself, but we’re glad all the exercise seems to be helping him clear his head post-breakup.

“Just went on a long road run,” Rob tweeted on Thursday, December 14. “Always the best way to just think to myself for a bit.”

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Instagram

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