Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images; Kardashianner on Twitter

Hold on to your trouser socks, kids. Rob Kardashian, who launched his Arthur George sock line in November 2012, plans to make an even bigger splash in the luxury sock business in 2013.

The Los Angeles Times profiled Rob’s budding business, calling it a “colorful, cacophonous collection,” and revealed that the Spring 2013 collection will add socks and hosiery for both women and juniors. Additionally, an official website for the brand, tentatively called, is expected to launch on February 1.

Rob himself previewed some of those looks in December 2012, showing off some super-sexy stockings with edgy patterns. 

We have to say, he seems to have quite an eye for fashion! Guess it just runs in the Kardashian family.

Credit: Instagram