When Rob Kardashian launched his luxury sock line, Arthur George, he signed an exclusive deal with Neiman Marcus, an upscale department store chain. Well, it looks as though Rob’s contract is up, because he’s about to take the internet by storm.

That’s right — Arthur George socks are now available in their very own e-store: AGSocks.com. This is basically the best news ever, since Neiman Marcus is currently only located in 20 states and Washington D.C. Now everyone can get their hands feet on some!

Rob’s fashion-forward footwear hit stores in 2012 and despite their $30 price tag, they’ve sold like hotcakes! This could be because of their totally bad-ass designs, but we like to think it’s because they promote a good cause! For every purchase, another pair is donated to the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition.

Source: Racked LA