Credit: Gotcha Images/Splash News Photo: Kylie Jenner's London Date With Jaden Smith

Rumors that Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith are dating are heating up more and more, as these two young celebs keep hitting the town together!

Kylie, 15, and Jaden, 14, were spotted cuddling at a Kanye West show in London on March 1, but that was only the beginning.

Kylie, younger sister of reality stars Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, was next spotted having dinner with Jaden and his dad, Will Smith! The trio got a meal together at Nobu in London on March 2.

The very next day, Kylie and Jaden were spotted together after a lunch date at Caffe Nero in London's Piccadilly Square! Jaden looked awfully sweet, as he put his hand gently on his lady’s arm.

Credit: Gotcha Images/Splash News Photo: Kylie Jenner on London Date With Jaden Smith

Too cute! And you know what they say: If it walks like a couple and talks like a couple...and goes on dates like a couple...

Adding to the mind-blowing nature of all this is that Karate Kid star Jaden was in London for his friend Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday party - and Kylie recently shot down rumors that she was dating the Biebs

Of course, there was also a rumor floating around last winter that Jaden was dating Kylie older sister Kendall, but she was also quick to shoot down that misinformation,
saying that Jaden is “like my little brother.” 

Well, if he really is dating little sis Kylie, that sounds just about right! 

Are these two really dating? We hope so! They make one adorable pair.