Sometimes in Internet-land, it’s hard to even remember a time before KimYe! But before Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became one of the world’s most famous couples and now parents-to-be, they were just friends! And friends visit friends on their music video sets. 

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and Throwback Thursday, Kim tweeted an old photo of herself sporting some intense Bo Derek-style braids, and Kanye makes a guest appearance! The photo is from almost two years ago, when ‘Ye was visiting her on the set of her music video for her single “Jam (Turn It Up)”

Just imagine, two short years ago they were just two friends hanging out, talking music video shop, and wearing spacesuit silver lycra (her) and a gold-studded plaid shirt (him). Think we'll see them in mom jeans and sensible shoes down the road? 

Source: Instagram