Serious as it may have been, last night’s Khloe & Lamar Season 2, Episode 7 was deliciously full of snappy dialogue. What can we say? Those K-Dashes are one clever bunch! Without further ado, here they are — the top 10 quotes from “Alone Star State of Mind.”

10. And that’s putting it mildly
Khloe: Sorry, Sir, I curse a lot.

9. Master of adding insult to injury
Kris Jenner: I can’t believe this is happening. This just changes everything. This just changes the whole dynamic of our family!

8. Should we be disturbed?
Khloe: Your tie is so cute. You’re gonna be my Santa Claus.

7. Lamar asks the tough questions
Lamar: When Jamie comes, do we have a bathroom?

6. The only viable solution
Lamar: We’ve gotta get both of [the condos].

5. Way to reason
Lamar (to his new teammates): I’m talking to you guys, so it has to be real.

4. Marriage at its finest
Khloe (to Lamar): Sometimes you have no idea what I think in my head the things I wanna do to you and if I did them I would go to jail for so many years.

3. A Kardashian hug is worth its weight in gold
Khloe: Guess what you get?
Harold, store clerk: Another hug!

2. Lamar experiences a brief moment of life as the 99%
Lamar: This is the first time basketball has felt like a job.

1. And that’s the bottom line
Lamar: I feel like my ass is gonna rip.

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