Lesson Number One: Don’t mess with the Kardashians! As reported earlier, Kim and Khloe Kardashian had a scary incident yesterday when a female driver allegedly nearly ran them off the road. Now, TMZ has obtained a few seconds of insane footage showing that it wasn’t just the other driver who had gone wild!

The video posted on TMZ’s site begins just after the reality starlets were — according to Kim’s statement Celebuzz blog — almost run off the road by another driver, after the aggressor swerved into their lane.

The footage shows the Kardashians’ vehicle cutting the other car off, boxing it in. Khloe and Kim then jump out to interrogate the other driver. Khloe’s the one who bounds toward the driver’s side door, appearing to attempt to pry it open, while her elder and admittedly more timid sister busts out her camera to take photos of the California driver’s liscense plate.

To retaliate further, Kim later posted said photo on her blog, along with a caption claiming that the driver works for CBS Sports. “This driver tried to hit us and run while video taping it. She works for CBS Sports. Wow drivers beware,” the 31-year-old reality star wrote.

A representative for CBS Sports told TMZ that "there is nothing that makes us believe this person works for CBS Sports."

Source: TMZ


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