Credit: Pacific Coast News

The Hunger Games isn’t exactly a feel-good date movie, but that didn’t seem to kill the mood for Kim Kardashian and rumored new (again?) beau, Kanye West. According to RadarOnline, the two caught the movie on Wednesday night, and then photographers caught her sneaking out of his apartment Thursday morning.

Kim was reportedly wearing the same outfit that she’d worn to the movies the night before — a tank top, leather pants, and black heels — and her hair wasn’t in its usual flawless state. Still, aside from her disheveled appearance, Kim did the Walk of Shame in style: The socialite was escorted back to her NYC hotel in Kanye’s Mercedes with his bodyguard there to protect her.

Just hours later, the two met up again for lunch and shopping with friends. Looks like they just can’t get enough of each other!

Source: RadarOnline

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