Credit: Twitter Photo: Kendalls closet.tiff

Apparently, celebrities love to put off cleaning their rooms as much as the rest of us do.

On January 3rd, Kendall Jenner tweeted a pic of her closet, with the message, "Time to cleannn." 

But if you ask us, her closet doesn't really look that messy. We say she should put it off until tomorrow! Or maybe that's just our motto for everything.

We do wish we could see more of the items in her closet  although we love that fringe purse that's hanging toward the left. Cute!

Later that day, Kendall tweeted another glimpse into her closet items with a look at her footwear:

Suffice to say, the girl loves her some Uggs. 

But why stop at four pairs? If you're gonna have four, you might as well get three more pairs to have one for every day of the week, right?

Source: Twitter