Credit: WENN Photo: Kourtney Kardashian Walks With Scott and Mason Disick on January 29, 2011

In this week's episode, Khloe Kardashian was visiting the gals from L.A., and pretty much every word that comes out of her mouth is quotable. So we were hard pressed to pick just 10 brilliant quotes from the show. But we did it — and here they are — the best, most juicy lines from the show!

10. Is honesty always the best policy?

Khloe (to Kim, about Kourtney): How do you like hanging out with this little muffin top?
Kim: She's pretty annoying.

9. Understatement of the year

Scott: Khloe and I haven't had the best relationship.

8. Channeling a 6-year-old

Khloe (to Kim): Every party has a pooper and the pooper is you!

7. She wants her mommy!

Kim (to Kris, on the phone, about the naked W pictorial): Mom! Do something!

6. Indigestion alert!

Kim: I think I ate, like, Carl's Jr. on the way [to the W magazine shoot].

5. Um, right

Kim (to Khloe and Kourt): I'm just never getting naked again.

4. What happens when Scott’s in the house

Scott: This night really went from first class to coach quick.

3. No mincing words here!

Khloe (to Kourtney): Who do you like better, me or Kim?
Kourt (to Khloe): Probably you.
Khloe (to Kourt): Amen.

2. Photo shoot foreplay?

Kim (to Kourt and Khloe): I had to, like, bend over and they painted in my ass.

1. A quintessential New York moment

Khloe (to the old man in the window): The naked old man! Show me your ball sac, old man!