Credit: Ben Hider/Getty Images Photo: Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Arrive at the QVC 25 To Watch Party on February 11, 2011

In this week’s episode, the key word was Australia. Shengo, Kim’s Aussie former bodyguard, was in New York City and he and Kim hooked up for a steamy night together. Kim tried her best to deny she was falling for him — but Kourtney knew better, which prompted some of the best lines from the show. We were hard pressed to pick just 10 brilliant quotes from this episode. But we did it — and here they are — the best, most juicy lines from “Sexy in the City”!

10. Sometimes, sisters know best

Kourtney (to Kim): Anyone you kiss becomes your boyfriend.

9.  Who are you trying to convince — yourself, or us?

Scott: I don’t need a Rolls to be happy.

8.  We were wondering the same thing.

Gooch (to Scott): Who wears the pants in that family?

7.  Must be nice to have that kind of money …

Gooch (to Scott): You want the car? You like it? Just take it.

6. But who’s the maid of honor? Kourtney or Khloe?

Kourtney: [Kim’s] probably planned her whole Australian wedding, eucalyptus tress and all.

5. Scott, is there something we should know?

Scott: [Shengo’s] voice even gets me a little hot.

4. The way to Shengo’s heart?

Kourtney (to Kim): Get dolled up. And don’t wear any panties.

3. Way to jump the gun!

Kourtney (to Kim): In five years you’re gonna have Shengo babies.

2. We think she meant to say ‘derogatory’

Kim (to Kourtney): You’re so, like, being racist towards Australians.

1. We’re speechless.

Scott: Do you think Shengo’s ever made love to a kangaroo?