Credit: Pacific Coast News Photo: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Go Bowling

This week’s brand spankin’ new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was all about Scott’s Judaism and Kimmy K’s questionable choices in life partners and best friends – which proved perfect fodder for some high-lar-ious quotes. Check out the 13 most LOL-worthy lines from KKTNY Season 2, Episode 4 below!

13. Wrong On So Many Levels
Kris Humphries: Does somebody wanna drink out of Mason’s baby cup or what?

12. City Folks Are So Stuffy
Scot Disick: I come home and all I wanna do is sleep, but of course Kris is having one of his Lake Minnetonka parties.

11. Scott Disick Proves Once and For All This is Not a Family Show
Scott Disick: I’m not in. I’ll be in my room, door locked, lovin’ life, sippin’ iced tea while you sons of b*tches are out there playing with your c*cks with a bunch of randoms.

10. OK, Scott. We Get It.
Scott: Look, I’m not saying I’m like a walking Torah.
Scott: I never said I was a rabbi, I just said I was Jewish.
Scott: Look I’m trying. I’m not saying I’m an Orthodox Jew.

9.Is It Just Us, or Does That Sound Sort of Degrading?
Kris Humphries (on Jonathan Cheban): He’s an emotional thing.

8. Burn!
Scott Disick: You don’t respect my religion? I don’t respect your outfit. You’re backless. You’re backless and you look like a bumble bee.

5. Kourtney Reverts Back to Eighth Grade
Kourtney: Why don’t you tweet like “users are losers”?

4. The Truth Comes Out!
Khloe: It’s really two hours of hair and makeup. We look like sh*t otherwise.

3. Like, Like, Like
Kourtney: What are your beliefs, like, spiritually?

2. Probably Isn’t Far Off
Kim: What do you think Jonathan wrote?
Kourtney: Just that you’re a diva bitch.

1. The Big Picture
Scott: I’m like the worst Jew ever.

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Credit: E! Online Photo: Sneak Peek! Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 4: Kim Is Pissed Jonathan Cheban Is Writing a Book