Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News Photo: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick at Kim's New York Birthday Dinner on October 21, 2011

This week’s brand spankin’ new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York dove right into Kourtney’s couponing problem, Scott Disick’s obsession with having sex on a piano, and Jonathan Cheban’s sexuality — which all proved perfect fodder for some hi-larious quotes. Check out the 13 most LOL-worthy lines from KKTNY Season 2, Episode 5 below!

13. Let’s not give the kids any ideas
Scott: That’s a gateway couponing drug.

12. ‘Bout right
Scott: So those coupons are better than me?
Kourtney: Yeah.

11. Don’t question my authority
Simon: I’m the mayor of gaydar.

10. Eighteen cans of peas, however, is totally normal
Kourtney: You don’t impulse buy a piano.

9. Scott Disick: King of TMI
Kourtney: A man who plays the piano is sexy.
Scott: So you’re saying that would get your little panties wet?

9. Could be worse
Kourtney: What are you doing? You’re obviously out piano shopping.

8. Functional Relationships 101
Scott (to Kourtney): I’m scared you’ll try to shave a layer of my penis off.

7. The apple falls pretty far from the tree
Scott (about baby Mason): He’s not a risk taker.

6. Now that’s a low blow only a celebrity can make
Jonathan: Did you ever fly in a private jet before Kim?

5. He’s not gay, but...
Jonathan: Really, I f*ck chihuahuas. I just didn’t know how to break it to you.

4. Bet that’ll be worth some money
Kourtney: How about I’ll do you dirty, on the piano, but the piano’s going back after?

3. Kris Humphries logic fail
Kris: He’s either gay or a serial killer.

2. Questions only a Kardashian would ask
Kourtney: But where do you get the coupons?
Khloe: What? Are you serious? They’re like in every newspaper.

1. Jonathan turns the tables
Jonathan (to Kris): Oh, you got a rainbow roll?

Credit: E! Online Photo: Sneak Peek! Kourtney and Kim Season 2, Episode 5: Scott Disick Plays Piano

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