Credit: GHOST/Fame Pictures Photo: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at Scott Hill Bespoke Design on June 15, 2011

Episode 2 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was brimming with ridic moments. It looks like stress is getting to all the Kardashians. Maybe it’s time everybody takes a chill pill (and a vacation!). Let’s peep this week’s most bonkers bits:

5. Khloe gets acupuncture.
And it looks awful. We’re gonna cross that one off our bucket list, like, now.

4. Rob, Khloe, and Lamar squash Malika under a mattress.
Poor Malika. That’s probably as much action as she’s gettin’ from Rob — or anybody — anytime soon.

3. Kendall walks out of a meeting and Kim flips.
Kendall obvi didn’t want in on this whole “runway” coaching thing from the get-go, but future Momager Kim forces her into it anyway. Doesn’t Kim know forcing a 15-year-old to do anything is a horrible, horrible idea? Anyway, Kendall can barely handle the stress and starts goofing off (we love her backing up and beeping like a truck), but for once, she actually looks like she’s having fun! Unfortch, Kim isn’t having it, and freaks out on her sis. Wa wa.

2. Kris has a nervy b over Kourtney taking the key back (...and lying about it)
Like daughter, like mother. Kim wasn’t the only KDash to freak out this episode. When Kris finds out Kourtney lied to her about wanting the key back, we’re pretty sure we see Kris breathing fire. And we must admit, we’re a little intimidated.

1. Scott gets horny over, well, a house key
Admittedly, Scott is not our favorite male on Keeping Up, and with that being said, we felt a tad unsettled when he told Kourtney about his plans to have a “pajama party” with her in their skivvies. Thank god the cameras weren’t there for that one!