Credit: London Entertainment/Splash News Photo: Rob and Khloe Kardashian Talk to Mario Lopez on Extra on April 5, 2011

Episode 4 was chock full of cray cray moments — most of them revolving around Rob and Jamie’s quarreling and love for Lamar, farmers wearing tampons (or not), and Khloe’s dream pizza. Here are the Top 5 ridiculous moments from the show:

5. Malika and Khloe have a heart to heart in the Lakers bathroom.

Really? They couldn’t come up with a better place to clear the air about Malika’s suddenly quitting?

4. Jamie leaves cheese outside of Rob’s door because he’s a ‘rat.’

Okay, um — what grade are we in?

3. Khloe dreams of eating a whole pizza

While in the car with Malika, Khloe fantasizes about a no-carb, no-calorie pizza that she’s going to eat all of — without the guilt. A girl can dream!

2. Khloe searches for tampons at the farmer’s market

Clearly, farmers do not get their periods. Because there is nary a tampon in sight.

1. Rob’s crush on Lamar

It’s so clear that Rob’s in love it’s not even funny — he and Jamie are clearly gay to the core.