Credit: SELF Magazine Photo: Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Beach Body in SELF April 2011

Kim Kardashian has been nominated for an award! Not an Oscar, not a Tony, and no, not even a Razzie. She's been nominated for a Shorty Award.

Hailed as "the Oscars of Twitter" by The New York Times, the Shortys honor the best people producing short-form, real-time social media content. Yep, that would be tweet- and blog-crazy Kim!

In February, the finalists were narrowed down to six in each category. Winners will be selected based on a combination of a popular vote and by the members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences. (Craigslists' Craig Newmark is a member, so is actress Alyssa Milano, and so is MC Hammer. What?) The awards ceremony will be on March 28. Winners' acceptance speeches are limited to 140 characters, natch.

In order to vote for Kim, you can tweet your endorsement here!

Source: Shorty Awards Web site