Credit: Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Kim Kardashian may have spent the past few weeks jetting across the world to Africa, then to Paris but now she’s back in the U.S., and she wants to meet you.

That’s right. You heard us: Kim wants to saunter up, shake your hand, and cover you in floral-scented perfume.

The reality star/entrepreneur is holding a meet and greet for her new True Reflection fragrance on Friday, February 1 at Belk in the Northpark Mall in Ridgeland, Mississippi from 6-8p.m.

I’m so excited to see everyone and hear what you all think about my fragrance,” Kim writes on her blog. “This fragrance is a little more rich and layered than my previous ones but still features the Gardenia scent that I love so much.

So if you live anywhere close to Ridgeland, Mississippi, clear your schedule. Because we know exactly what you are doing that Friday night.

And for the rest of the world? Well, we can all just spend that Friday feeling ridiculously jealous of everyone living in Ridgeland, Mississippi. (And dousing ourselves in massive amounts of True Reflection fragrance to help dull the pain. Obviously.)

Source: Kim Kardashian’s Blog