Khloe Kardashian fell victim to the Punk’d crew earlier this season, but MTV called in the big guns when it came time to prank Kim Kardashian, E!’s biggest reality star.

Former host Ashton Kutcher returned to the show to pull a fast one on the curvy starlet during last night’s episode of Punk’d. In the segment, Kim makes a stop at a gas station while on a drive with Scott Disick. While Scott goes inside, Kim is approached by a fan who asks the reality star to take a number of pictures.

Once Scott returns to the car, he declares that he also interacted with Kim’s admirer and the fan ended up stealing his wallet! At Scott’s urgings, the two embark on a wild car chase. Scott even drives away from the station with the gas pump still in the side of his Range Rover, causing a giant explosion.

Amazingly, Kim seems to keep her cool the entire time. While it’s possible she outsmarted Ashton, we’d guess that life with the Kardashian family has taught the reality star to expect the unexpected!

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Credit: MTV Photo: Kim Kardashian Gets Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher

Sources: Hollywood Life, MTV 


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