We know, we know, it’s not classy to talk about money. But when you see super-celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pairing up and dropping $11 million on a Bel-Air compound like it ain’t no thing, you have to wonder: what are they worth?
Well, we already know what they’re worth as individuals, and it’s no surprise that Kanye throws down the larger number. The rapper/producer/shoe designer/restauranteur/etc. boasts an impressive net worth of about $90 million. Kim, for her part, has racked up a net worth of $40 million from her reality show/fashion line/jewelry designs/retail store/endorsement deal empire.
With the help of a little simple math, we have an answer! Kimye is worth roughly $130 million all together, and that’s not even counting the financial contribution of their baby.
This little one is apparently going to be worth 5 million dollars when it’s born, in the form of baby photos, mommy-related endorsements and perhaps a post-baby weight loss reveal for Kim.

So, good luck, baby gift-givers! What do you get for the parents that can buy themselves everything?