Kris Jenner doesn’t mess around when it comes to her grandchildren!

According to Radar Online, Kris is reportedly demanding that baby daddy Kanye West buy a $10 million life insurance policy naming his yet-to-be-born child and Kim Kardashian as the primary and secondary beneficiaries.

“Kanye is absolutely on board with getting the policy and had actually already looked into it before Kris brought it up,” a source said. “Kanye is in perfect health but he travels a lot and performs all over the world, sometimes in not so safe locales, and that concerns Kris.”
The insider continued, saying that the insurance move was a “pretty common procedure for new parents.” Kim herself will reportedly be getting one and naming the baby as the primary beneficiary.

Makes you wonder though: did Scott Disick get the same treatment when Kourtney Kardashian had her kids?


Source: Radar Online