Khloe Kardashian made her dazzling live television debut on The X Factor on Halloween night, but the reality starlet almost didn’t make it to the performance — and it wasn’t because of any lingering nerves!

It turns out that Khloe suffered a major hosting setback because she literally couldn’t see! During rehearsals the day before her debut, the reality star was spotted squinting at the teleprompter and having difficulty reading her lines.

“She was full of energy and did a great job improvising even when she couldn’t make out the words on the teleprompter,” an insider said of the experience. “Mario was a total pro and covered for her whenever she was struggling.”

Thankfully, Khloe made it to the eye doctor just in time!

“This led to a last-minute late-night visit to the eye doctor, who decided Khloe needed a new set of contact lenses,” the source said. “There was no way she could do last night’s live show otherwise.”

Source: Life & Style

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