Kendall Jenner has a not-so-secret admirer!


On the red carpet of the 2013 Kid’s Choice Awards, a certain very talented teen singer, who became famous as a YouTube sensation, shared his crush on this younger Kardashian with the world.


"I really like Kendall Jenner," 16-year-old cutie Austin Mahone told E! Online. "I think she's beautiful."


Awww! Are you listening, Kendall? This sounds like a good one.


The newly minted teen pop star may have puppy eyes for Kendall, but he’s also a fan of her famous family and their uber-popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


"I was actually watching the show before I came here," Austin admitted on the red carpet. So, what does he find so addictive about the Kardashians?  


"Well, of course they're all gorgeous," he explained. "It gets a little crazy, a little tense on that show. It's fun to watch.”


Just imagine how much more fun it would be in real life, Austin! Let’s make this happen. Kendall has shot down dating rumors left and right, from L’il Twist to Jaden Smith, so we just know she's waiting for the right guy to come along. 


Then again, Kendall has admitted that her celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling, but since we’re all for age appropriate romances, we think she should give Austin a chance. He’s going on tour with Taylor Swift soon, and we hear a well-timed backstage pass can do wonders for a relationship. Just sayin’!

 Source: E! Online