When news broke that Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush, was expecting a baby, we didn’t know anything about his girlfriend - other than she looks a lot like Reggie’s reality star ex! So who is Reggie’s baby mama, Lilit Avagyan? 

By trade, she’s a dancer, and a very impressive one at that check out her cha cha!

Lilit apparently started studying ballet, but found her passion as a ballroom dancer and made a career of it. She won the U.S. national championships 2008 and was invited to represent America in the Latin American World Championships  in Australia. She also choreographs and teaches dance, and she’s even made an appearance on a little show called Dancing With the Stars.

But Lilit isn’t just a pretty face and a talented pair of legs, the 25-year-old is also trilingual. She speaks English, Russian and Armenian, which makes sense because she’s Armenian— just like Kim! 

And of course, sometime around April, she’ll be a mom. So, when Kim and boyfriend Kanye West have their baby in July, these two Armenian beauties will have that in common as well! Though we doubt they’ll be swapping parenting tips anytime soon. 

Source: Grinya Talent Agency