Credit: Rosa Acosta's Facebook fan page Photo: Rosa Acosta Poses in Her Jersey

When this bootylicious babe first popped up on Khloe & Lamar during Rob Kardashian’s trip to San Diego (with friend-with-benefits Malika, may we add), we didn’t know what to make of her. Clad in a skin-tight red dress, Rosa wasted no time getting reacquainted with her “old friend” Rob. Well, that’s what Rob told the camera she was, but judging by the instant apparent chemistry between them, we think “old fling” is more like it!

Of course, the drama reached a whole ‘nother level when Rosa found out she was pregnant — possibly with Rob’s child. Rob was ready to step up and do the right thing, but Rosa tragically lost the baby.

So who is this woman who Rob said would consider marrying? Her full name is Rosa Acosta, and she’s a Dominican model who has made quite a reputation for herself in the United States in magazines, on commercials and perhaps most notably in several top 40 music videos.

Does she look familiar? This voluptuous video vixen has been featured in vids like Jamie Fox’s “Blame It” and Drake ft. Kanye West’s “Best I Ever Had” and myriad magazines, from Women’s Health to XXL.


Credit: VladTV Photo: Rosa Acosta Talks About Working with Kanye West and Drake