A very pregnant Kim Kardashian was glam and glowing as she walked the red carpet at the Atlanta premiere of her film, Temptation: Confessions Of A Marriage Counselor. Kim looked gorgeous in stretch lace and seemed delighted to be celebrating her first serious acting role in the Tyler Perry film. There was only one thing missing: Where was her boyfriend Kanye West?

Don’t worry, he was there!

Kanye did indeed attend the premiere screening of Kim’s film, but made himself scarce while his beautiful girlfriend walked the red carpet, so as not to distract on her big night.

"Kanye was being really sweet with Kim, letting her shine," reports E! Online.

Adorable! Kanye apparently also took a backseat when he joined Kim for the post-premiere party at Tyler Perry’s mansion. Reports from the shindig say that Kanye was acting “shy and low-key,” and that Kim was introducing him to everyone as her boyfriend (which makes sense, because from what we hear, that’s what he is).

This is all too cute. Kim and Kanye are two of the busiest people on the planet, so it’s lovely to see them making time to be supportive of one another. And it’s a good thing they’re taking advantage of it now, because come July, they’re going to have a little something else to be worrying about! 

Source: E! Online