Khloe Kardashian is enjoying a well-deserved break after wrapping her first season as co-host of The X Factor, and some long-awaited quality time with her husband Lamar Odom. Why long-awaited? Apparently, Lamar never visited Khloe on set!

X Factor judge Simon Cowell spilled the beans on a recent episode of On Air with Ryan Seacrest. When asked whether the NBA player had ever dropped by the set of the reality competition, Simon said, "Then the answer to that question is no, Lamar hasn’t.”

But don’t worry! There is no trouble in this Kardashian paradise. Lamar explained the situation to In Touch.

"I haven’t [visited] because of my schedule with basketball and the games and things," he said.

Wait, you mean it isn’t easy to coordinate the schedules of a professional athlete and a celebrity television host/reality star? We never would have guessed!

Source: On Air with Ryan SeacrestIn Touch