Credit: Instagram

Apparently Kris Jenner’s tell-all book didn’t reveal everything there is to know, at least according to her suspicious daughters.

Last night, Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of her famous momager hooked up to a polygraph test with a caption reading only, “Liar Liar.”

So just what is this crazy mother-daughter duo up to now? We have a feeling it might have something to do with Khloe Kardashian’s baby-daddy drama, or talk of Kris’ infidelity while still married to Robert Kardashian (which she revealed in her book).

Only a few hours earlier, Kim posted a picture of her sister and their late father on Instagram. “Cutest pic of @khloekardashian & my daddy,” she wrote.

We all know Kris is more than willing to get the truth out there, despite Khloe’s urgings that she drop the subject. Is the Kardashian mama now willingly putting herself on the stand?

Source: Twitter


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