Bruce and Kris Jenner have denied (and denied and denied) rumors that they are getting divorced. Soooo, why is Mama Kardashian not wearing her wedding ring?  

When photographers spotted Kris and youngest daughter Kylie out shopping recently, the 57-year-old was very SoCal casual: oversized sunglasses, purple tracksuit, crazy expensive looking purse. But one glaring absence from her outfit, the Daily Mail noticed, was that big sparkly rock on her ring finger.

Of course, pictures don’t tell us the whole story, but leaving your ring at home when the whole reality TV loving world thinks your marriage is in trouble seems a little crazy. We’ll give Kris the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe it needed cleaning? Maybe Kim and Kourtney were showing it to their boyfriends for inspiration? It would have to be something serious to come between a Kardashian and her diamonds!

Source: Daily Mail