Kim Kardashian has one of the most recognizable last names in the world, and it sounds like she has no intention of changing it—not even for boyfriend Kanye West!

According to Star magazine, Kanye wants Kim to take his name “once they marry,” but Kim is determined to remain a Kardashian. “Kanye is very disappointed and upset about the whole thing but Kim refuses to budge,” a source said. “She also thinks it’s a way to let him know that she is not after him for his money.”

Hmmm. How would becoming Kim West would make her a gold digger, exactly? Sure, Kanye is worth more than Kim, but the reality star/entrepreneur/spokeswoman is doing pretty well for herself!

There’s also that small matter of Kim still being legally married to Kris Humphries. Let’s take one thing at a time, OK, Kim and Kanye? You’ve got a slow-moving divorce to deal with, and soon you’ll have a new baby in the mix!  That sounds like plenty to keep you busy for now.

Source: Star magazine, via Hollywood Life