Karlie Redd Finally Introduces the World to Her Adult Daughter Jasmine (VIDEO)
Karlie Redd’s Daughter, Jasmine Lewis

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Karlie Redd Finally Introduces the World to Her Adult Daughter Jasmine (VIDEO)


For four long seasons, there are two things fans have been wanting to know about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd: what her real age is, and what her daughter, Jasmine, looks like. Though it seems Karlie may take her date of birth to the grave, she did, however, finally introduce fans to her daughter.


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In this web-exclusive clip, Jasmine makes a trip to the ATL to spend some mom-daughter time with Karlie. We can’t believe she’s real!

When Jasmine arrives, Karlie immediately jumps into mommy mode, showering her college-aged daughter with hugs and kisses. She questions her about school and that’s when Jasmine tells her mom she’s not interested in heading back because she wants to start her career instead.


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Karlie isn’t too keen on Jasmine’s decision and tells her she has no say in the matter. When Jasmine reminds her mom that she started her own career in college, Karlie reminds her that she only postponed school because she got pregnant while in college, even though she ultimately got her degree.


Realizing that she won’t get her way, Jasmine changes gears and questions her mom. When Karlie breaks the news that she’s been thinking about having a baby, Jasmine’s reaction is quite priceless.


Check the video above to see Jasmine (in the flesh) and hear her reaction to Karlie’s decision to have a baby.


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