The Vampire Diaries

Kat Graham Discusses Being Constantly Killed on The Vampire Diaries (VIDEO)

Is it just us or does Bonnie Bennett have a habit of getting killed off on The Vampire Diaries? For the past two seasons Kat Graham’s character has bitten the dust in the most glorious fashion, but how does the 24-year-old actress feel about meeting the same fate season after season? Read on to find out!

“It’s got me kind of worried,” Kat joked to HitFix. One might assume that being killed over and over again would get pretty boring, but this gorgeous actress doesn’t seem to think so. “Each time it happens it’s done so differently,” she said. Pretty logical, no?

When the interviewer wanted to jump ahead to the Season 6 finale and theorize on how Bonnie might be killed off once more, Kat thought up a delicious fate for her on-screen counterpart. “Hopefully by eating too many Krispy Kremes,” she joked about her death of choice. “Not even magic, just pure gluttony.”

While we’re pretty chill with how Kat wants to go out next, the interviewer then brought up how Kat doesn’t get to play doppelgangers like her TVD co-stars. Is the multi-talented gal OK with not getting to take part in all that fun? That’s a definite yes! Kat admitted that she would be “so consumed” with playing multiple characters because she’d want a different hairstyle and era of fashion for each of her roles.

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