Kate Middleton: How She’s Breaking Royal Rules in Her Pregnancy
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Kate Middleton: How She’s Breaking Royal Rules in Her Pregnancy

Kate Middleton’s perfect skin is clearly a gift from the cherubs, and her silken hair comes straight from the brushes of angels. Also, girl’s got some calves of steel! Our point is that as much of a perfect being as Kate is, we can’t help but notice that she has a bit of a feisty streak to her — something we’re sure caught Prince William’s eye from day one while earning her major popularity points from women across the globe.

While Kate’s little bouts of rebellion against her husband’s powerful family must cause a bit of a stir, we love that she’s staying true to her own feelings and ideas. We can imagine how intimidating it must be to butt heads with the British crown, but who could really say no to Kate’s perfect face? William sure couldn’t!

Kate made history right from the start when she became the first non-aristocrat in history to marry an heir to the British throne. We remember being so pleased that Wills had chosen to marry a simple girl. Not only did it give the rest of us hope at snagging Prince Harry, but it also showed that the British royal family was about to undergo a major shift, and Kate definitely hasn’t been one to disappoint.

On her wedding day, Kate shocked the world in her simple yet stunning Alexander McQueen gown. We think everyone knew she was going to opt for something more simple, but the lack of puffy sleeves and a full skirt still took a while to settle in. Needless to say, Kate’s dress design was a huge hit, prompting teeny tiny 7 percent disapproval on an AOL poll. Fifteen percent said they were surprised by her choice but still thought it was stunning, while the remaining 78 percent fell instantly in love.

Next, Kate took a page from the late Princess Diana’s book and opted out of the traditional wedding vows that say she will “love, cherish, and obey” her husband. She instead chose to say that she will “love, comfort, honor, and keep” William, which says a lot about her character and her pride and strength as a woman. Needless to say this was just the beginning of our love affair with the Duchess of Cambridge.

While it reportedly hasn’t happened yet, word on the interwebz (Vanity Fair) is that Kate will be the first British royal to have a baby shower! What seems like a normal tradition surrounding the birth of a first child is not so for the royals: The Crown has never opted for a big baby bash. Her Royal Highness the Queen has reportedly given her blessing for the unorthodox gathering, which is slated to be held at Kate’s childhood home in Berkshire, organized by sister Pippa. There is rumored to be a pacifier-shaped cake made by brother James Middleton and some swanky goodie bags.

It was also recently announced that the official birth announcement will be the first ever to hit the Twitterverse. Oh yes, even social media will have a hand in Kate’s royal leaf-turning history, according to NOW Magazine. Traditionally, the official birth announcement was posted on the gate outside Buckingham Palace. While this will still be done — the notice will first be put on an easel in the palace forecourt — the notice will also be posted on the Clarence House website, which is directly linked to their Twitter feed. Ipso facto, the first tweeted royal birth announcement.

Once Kate is released from the hospital with her new royal bundle, The Daily Mail reports that she has decided to ditch the tradition of a strictly high-brow upbringing for her child. Instead of heading straight for the nursery the couple has prepared at Nottingham cottage or the big baby room at Buckingham Palace, Kate will instead trundle her baby home to her roots in Berkshire.

The Duchess has already made it clear that she wishes her family to have a large part in the upbringing of her child. He or she will still be a royal, but Kate would like them to have the best of both worlds, not be smothered right off by the vastness of a hundred-room castle. And she certainly does not want a maternity nurse.

Finally, a bit of Kate’s rebelliousness has seemed to rub off on William, who is said to be the first British royal planned to be in the delivery room with his wife, according to MSN. Could we love them any more? The answer is most likely not, but this couple is constantly surprising us with more and more acts of awesome than we can keep up with.

Way to go, Kate and Wills! We are on the edge of our office chairs waiting for the baby to arrive, but please take your time. The only birth record we’d like to hear about is the quickest royal labor.

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