The Duchess of Cambridge had her very own Marilyn Monroe moment on November 20, when a gust of wind caught her skirt during a charity event in London.

Kate Middleton was bending down to accept a bouquet of flowers from a 9-year-old schoolgirl, when a pesky burst of wind made her skirt to fly up and billow in the air. Luckily, Kate did not experience a royal wardrobe malfunction. Her undergarments all stayed safely out of view.

Prince George’s mother stayed cool and collected the entire time, calmly holding her skirt down with one hand while she continued to talk to the schoolgirl, a blue-ponytailed cutie named Tierney Potter.

Tierney, who goes to St. Edmunds School, tells Us Weekly that she was “nervous but excited" to talk to Kate. "The Duchess said she wanted to say hello to the rest of the class, so I took her inside."

Kate was wearing a skirt by Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely, whose pieces she has worn plenty of times in the past. Her jacket was Max Mara, and she carried a deep blue velvet clutch with matching heels.

With now three-month-old son, George, at home, Kate had showed out to support the charity Place2Be's "Resilience and Emotional Strength in Schools Forum." The Duchess is a patron of the charity, which helps provided integrated mental health and emotional support services to school in the U.K.

Ah, royals. Even when they have Marilyn Monroe moments, they’re still classy as ever. And they’re still giving back to the community the entire time. Gosh, Kate. Do you really have to be so flawless?

Source: Us Weekly