Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Photo: What Will Prince William’s Name Be When He Is King?

We all have our goals for 2014, and for Prince William, going back to school to study agriculture so he can understand more about the United Kingdom’s farming communities is one of them.

According to People, Will is enrolled in a 10-week program in agricultural management at the University of Cambridge, following in the footsteps of his father, Prince Charles, who heads up the Duchy of Cornwall and owes $47.8 million of his 2013 income to the farming industry.

The 31-year-old prince will sit in on lectures and seminars — cringe. This is giving us college flashbacks — which will help him to carry on his family’s legacy of farming, which began in 1337. But no pressure or anything, Will!

Prince William already has a degree in art history from Scotland’s St. Andrews, where he met wife Kate Middleton. As we see it, he’s becoming even more well-rounded, which will come in handy as he bestows knowledge upon Prince George. You know, when he’s old enough to actually understand what anyone is saying to him.

“[William is] very much looking forward to it,” a spokesman for Kensington palace said about Will’s return to school. “The executive educational programme will draw on the strengths of academics across the university. It will start in early January and end in mid-March.”

Ten weeks of studying, papers, and lectures that will eventually ensure millions of dollars in income? Where do we sign up?

Maybe, just maybe, his new certification will finally earn him that Playstation 4 as a reward for all his hard work.

Source: People