In case you were worried that perhaps every part of Kate Middleton's royal bod isn't absolutely perfect, worry no more: Thanks to a German tabloid and a tricksy helicopter, we have a full view of the Tuchus of Cambridge.

Kate and husband Prince William were exiting a helicopter in the Australian Blue Mountains, according to Page Six, when the wind from the rotor blades lifted the hem of her skirt, revealing a very royal butt and an extremely unclear underwear situation. Reportedly, British tabs wouldn't touch their Duchess's wardrobe malfunction, so the photos were sold overseas after a bidding war.

The winning tabloid, Bild, ran Kate's backside as part of roundup of weekend butts, along with Khloe and Kim Kardashian's famous derrieres. "Thank you for this horny ass weekend," says the headline, translated by good ol' Google Translate.

"We've never been so grateful to make a helicopter for the wind," the auto-translation of the rag continues, below Kate's photo.

Click here to see the booty-ful photo on!

Of course, this isn't the first time an opportunistic photographer with a long lens caught a view of Kate's curves. In September 2012, French publication Closer published a full four pages of Kate lounging topless while on holiday at a French chateau.

There are some really great parts of being a princess — a weekly hair blowout budget of at least $225, for example, and all the fascinators a gal could ever want — but the scrutiny that happens every time your body is even close to naked is definitely a big drawback. We're sure that Kate will continue to handle this with the poise and grace we know and love, though!

What do you think of these photos of Kate's booty — too invasive, or no big deal? Sound off below!

Source: Page Six