Kate Walsh Is Boozy, Leggy, Horny, Wrong, and Brilliant in NBC’s Bad Judge Trailer (VIDEO)
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Kate Walsh Is Boozy, Leggy, Horny, Wrong, and Brilliant in NBC’s Bad Judge Trailer (VIDEO)

Any trailer that starts with Kate Walsh sleeping off tequila while lying prostrate in sequined hot shorts is good by us. But her character in her new NBC comedy is no ordinary sex-crazed, booze-swigging party girl — she happens to be the Honorable Rebecca Wright, the titular Bad Judge.

"Please be seated, and do it quietly," she instructs a courtroom in the trailer below. "I've got a headache. And somebody get me some Gatorade!"

And even though her lifestyle may be "bad," she happens to be as brilliant at adjudicating as Grey's Anatomy's Addison was at neonatal surgery.

"For the charges of bigamy, I sentence you to take a course in feminism — the college of your choice — while wearing this shirt every day," she tells a defendant, holding up a tee emblazoned with the words I'm a convicted bigamist.

In the rest of the trailer, we see Rebecca rocking the drum set with her band, parking her airbrushed conversion van in a handicapped space (and faking a limp when she sees a guy in a wheelchair), and ordering a witness to her chambers and then sexing him up — right before being interrupted by her bailiff.

"Damn," the officer says, admiring Rebecca in her lingerie. "Damn. Not bad. Not bad, Your Honor. Not bad. Not bad at all."

She also becomes the reluctant maternal figure for kid named Robbie who was abandoned by criminal parents, giving him questionable advice — "Nothing scares a bully like seeing his own blood" — but ultimately becoming his biggest advocate, even when she doesn’t seem like the best role model.

"Excuse me," she says after burping in front of Robbie's teacher. "I'm so sorry. I had wine and cake for breakfast."

We're loving the looks of this show, even if it does air at the same time as Grey's next season. But what do you think? Are you laughing your butts off like we are? Or does Bad Judge just look bad? Sound off in the comments below.

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05.13.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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