Kate Walsh Is the New Garnier Covergirl — See Her To-Dye-For Hair! (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Kate Walsh Is the New Garnier Covergirl — See Her To-Dye-For Hair! (VIDEO)

We're still waiting on Grey's Anatomy to return to Grey's Anatomy, but now she's saying "Greys 100 percent gone." What does that mean? Is the show canceled?!

OK, we're pulling your leg — and using the British spelling of "grays."

You see, the redhead beauty is the star of Garnier's new commercial for its Olia line of hair dyes, billed as "oil-powered permanent haircolor." Check out Kate's ad below!

The 46-year-old TV star is practically synonymous with red hair by this point, and now you can use the same dye she (ostensibly) uses. Looks like Kate rocks "Olia 6.43: Light Natural Auburn." The product only gets three out of five stars on Garnier's own website, so… proceed with caution.

The Private Practice lead told TV Fanatic in 2006 that her natural hair color is a medium "mousey" blond.

"When I was a blonde, guys treated me like a girl, a girly girl," she explained. "Then, as a redhead, I was a little more sassy, maybe a little more boorish — more how I am inside … Being blonde was always other than what I really am. I thought I wanted to be one of those softer, girly girls. Then I grew out of that. I realized I'd never be a sweet girl. [Laughs] Never."

Hey, we love her no matter what hue her locks are!

Source: TV Fanatic

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