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Which TV Star Was Poisoned by a Cactus? (PHOTO)

We all say, “Stars, they’re just like us?” Well, sometimes they’re not like us. This TV star shared a story recently that even had us shocked — and not because she was doing something luxurious.

Presented without commentary: “I started Sunday moving a cactus that fell (with my bro) spraying white, milky sap that I decided to taste, which turned out to be poisonous, (like tribesman-use-this-shit-to-make-poison-darts poisonous) So. after a lot of time in the bathroom, a burning sensation in my throat that i can only liken to swallowing a butt ton of tabasco and a visit from the EMTs I’m starting to feel better, thank god. #embarassing #whothef—triesunknowncactussapasanadult??!!”

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