Katharine McPhee Divorce: Her Ex Says She Cheated
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Katharine McPhee Divorce: Her Ex Says She Cheated

If you’re like us and were hoping the whole snarl that was Katharine McPhee’s marriage would go quietly into the night, bad news. It didn’t. The latest bulletin from TMZ makes it clear that the American Idol alumna better brace for impact because her ex ain’t going nowhere without a fight.

The outlet got a hold of divorce papers between Katharine and her one-time love, Nick Cokas. In the docs, Nick breaks down Katharine’s timeline of their separation — incriminating photo by incriminating photo.

See, Katharine claims she and Nick were separated in March 2013; that be more than six months before she was spotted Smash-ing with director Michael Morris. Nick, however, lays out a different version of events; he says he and his wife of six years didn’t part ways until just this past May, aka the month she filed for divorce. His proof? Oh, you know, just some emails and texts about their relationship.

Relatives confirm Nick’s side of the story to TMZ, saying Nick can prove he and Katharine were in marriage counseling after those photos of her with Michael made the rounds.

Why does this all matter beyond satisfying our own morbid curiosity? It’s all about the money, people. Nick wants spousal support and if he can prove Katharine was fooling around, all the better for his bottom line.

Source: TMZ