Katherine Heigl Talks “Freeing” Villain Role in ‘Unforgettable’
Katherine Heigl, Unforgettable
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Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Talks “Freeing” Villain Role in ‘Unforgettable’


Katherine Heigl has been portrayed as the villain for years now — at least in Shondaland — but now she’s actually playing a villain herself.

And she says taking on the antagonist role has been “freeing.”

In Unforgettable, in theaters now, Katherine plays Tessa Connover, a woman shattered by the end of her marriage to David, played by Geoff Stults.

Her jealousy toward David’s new wife, played by Rosario Dawson, makes her try to destroy her ex’s matrimonial bliss from the outside.

“I think [Tessa is] so not a people pleaser. She does not care about other people’s needs or their agendas,” Katherine told Hoda Kotb and Matt Lauer today, April 21, on TODAY.

“It is all about what she wants, and she’s going to get it however she can.”

And this Grey’s Anatomy alum really took to the role.

“There’s something really freeing about it because obviously there are no consequences to this behavior,” she explained, “so you can really go for it and not feel terrible.”

Katherine and the TODAY hosts joked that she’s a little too good at the villainy.

“[It’s] simmering just under the surface, like I’ve been repressing it for years now,” she quipped.

But Katherine — who says, “once the relationship’s over, it’s over” — hasn’t ever pulled a Tessa and gotten revenge on an ex. She hasn’t even done anything petty.

“I get very nervous about hurting people’s feelings,” she said. “If I ever do, I feel awful about it.”

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Nor has she ever stalked an ex — at least, not intentionally.

“Once, I was with [husband Josh Kelley], and we were driving around the area that my ex-boyfriend used to live in,” she recalled.

“And I was like, ‘Oh that’s the apartment [ducks down] that he used to live in … I think that was him right there!’”

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Luckily for this mother of three, it seems like she’ll never have to deal with another breakup. Her marriage to Josh seems strong as ever, nine years in, perhaps because there’s a basis of friendship accompanying the romance.

“Josh is the first relationship where I can legitimately say, ‘You know what you kind of are my best friend.’”

May it ever be so!