Katherine Jenkins on DWTS Wardrobe Malfunction: Must\'ve Been Sabotage
Katherine Jenkins on DWTS Wardrobe Malfunction: Must’ve Been Sabotage

Dancing With The Stars

Katherine Jenkins on DWTS Wardrobe Malfunction: Must’ve Been Sabotage


It’s the case of the mystery pant seam.

The “trio” involved in the Dancing With the Stars Season 14, Week 8 Cha-Cha-Cha still don’t know why Katherine Jenkins’ one-piece Men in Black suit wouldn’t rip off clean, instead leaving her pant leg wrapped around her foot through part of the dance. Katherine and her partners, Mark Ballas and Tristan MacManus, described the scene of the crime after the show.

Tristan told Entertainment Weekly that, after he saw the pants stuck on her leg, he looked for an opportunity to help without making things worse.

“Sometimes when stuff like that happens, you think to yourself I need to get that off, I need to get that off, but trying to get it off would hurt your partner even more,” Tristan said. “You just try to take the attention off it. She actually did it herself, she handled it great. But if we had made a big issue of trying to swoop for it and pull it and yank it and this and that it probably would have put her off more. The main thing was trying to keep her nerves down and make sure she got on with the dance. There certainly was that moment there where me heart stopped!”

Katherine joked to Zap2it that there must’ve been sabotage because "there was a seam that wasn't supposed to be there."

In general, she said, "It was just a really weird night. I can't believe the roller coaster of a night. I kind of feel bad for the second number, because Mark choreographed an amazing routine, which we didn't feel like we were able to give 100% to. Because of the wardrobe malfunction and we still can't figure out exactly how that happened."

Mark was also disappointed. "I was just upset because of the leg thing,” he said. “The dance was so clean. Like, when you watched it in rehearsal, the dance was so clean. Then focus went to that, instead of how clean the dance was."

Ah, the perils of live TV! At least they recovered well and their scores for that Trio Cha-Cha-Cha were very high — two 10s and a 9. It’s the two 9s and an 8 they got for their Viennese Waltz earlier in the show that could really send them to the double elimination. But here’s hoping Tristan’s Lucky Charm powers helped The Welsh Wiggler survive to the Semifinals.

Watch the next new episode of DWTS tonight, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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